The benefits of coaching and being coached

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The Benefits of Coaching and Being Coached.

To have a coach is to have someone who asks the questions no one else,not even a family member of friend is prepared to ask.

If you talk to a family member of friend they will just tell you what you want to hear.Agree with you as to how unreasonable people are.They will agree with your generalisations.And you will learn nothing and progress not one foot.

A coach on the other hand really goes in deep and draws out of you what you really really want.And you will thank them.

Because your dreams are priceless and once you know what they are and can create a plan to make them real then you will thank your coach.

If you are a coach then have you got one yourself?If not then why not?

if you are selling the idea of coaching to someone else then surely you must have one yourself.You may think you have the answers because you are a coach yourself,yet you cannot see your own blind spots.Hell even the coaches who are earning seven figures have coaches.So you need a coach and one who is better and more experienced than you.He or she will teach you things that you can pass onto your students.

That way the knowledge gets passed down the line.

So if you are stuck in life then get a coach, someone who has a conversation with you that you will never forget.And if you are a coach who has no coach then get one,your business will explode.






What Is It To Be Wealthy?

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What Is It To Be Wealthy?

success image

Do you think it is to amass as much money as possible and then what you don’t need right now, you invest?

And of course that investment has to earn you a return that not only beats inflation but other forms of    investment too.

All this making money online stuff is all well and good but look around at the planet now will all it’s   problems of debt, resource depletion, and climate change.It is clear we must redefine what it is to be wealthy for what use is it to look at a computer screen and see all that virtual money you have amassed, if all around you the planet is dying .

For me there are other ways than bytes on a computer to judge how wealthy I am and here they are:

  1. stay fit and healthy- the obesity crisis is well documented and seems only to be getting worse.Fast food is so easy to come by,it’s a shame it is all so unhealthy.It’s your responsibility to get healthy and this is achieved through diet and exercise.You may think that the two are equally important but actually diet is the more important of the two.I follow a raw vegan diet and whilst that may seem extreme to you,at least start reducing your meat and milk consumption.
  2. Live below your means- put away that credit card,it’s the cause of the mountain of debt we now have and why any economy will not get going again until we have some form of debt jubilee.
  3. Buy Quality- this may seem like a contradiction of  point 2 however buying cheap can be a false economy in the long run.If you want something that should last a long time then go for quality.
  4. Develop Your Own income – I am probably preaching to the converted here as you are reading this if you already have an online business or are thinking of starting one.People stay as employees all their lives because they think it is safe.It is not.You can be fired at a moment’s notice.Your boss decides what you do ,when you do it and how much you are paid.There is no security in that.
  5. Move to self sufficiency-grow your own food,generate your own power and heating.Just as relying on an employer to keep paying you a salary is dangerous so is reliance on big business to keep you warm and the lights on.They say we are only three days away from anarchy meaning that’s how much food is on supermarket shelves.If you had no food where would you get it from?Start planing now.
  6. Simplify your life and seek happiness-just how complicated is your life?Are you rushing around all the time?Is life any better by year end.Sit down with you family and decide what is most important.You will find alot of it does not involve spending money.
  7. Connect with your community in a real way.What gifts can you offer?How can you help others that does not involve the exchange of money.A gifting community is a real community and something the tax man cannot touch.A good place to start is the Transition Network  an organization that shows how a community can transition to a carbon free way of living.There are local groups all over the world so there should be one near you.

I hope this give you a few pointers as to where true wealth lies.It is all around us in our natural resources and our own talents,let’s use them wisely.


How to Market Using Facebook.The Best Training I’ve Seen Yet

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As some of you know I use the Six Figure Mentors Internet Marketing Training system.

In the back office there is some great training and I have just watch some of the best training I have yet seen on how to use Facebook to market your business.

I am not just talking about advertising I am talking about how to use the from page of your fan page to generate leads.

To see what I am talking about go to the Facebook Fan page of Guy and Ilan who did the training, and see how they use Facebook to generate leads.

Have a look at it and then tell me what you like about this page.Here is the link

Satori Prime

Leave your comment below and I’ll tell you what i think of it in my next post.

Let go of Your Fear of Failure

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Hello everyone,

if you always have a mind set of fear that things will not work out.If you want to be successful entrepreneur then you have to let go of your fear.Listen to this blog talk radio broadcast from Jay Kubassek who with Stuart Ross have created the Six Figure Mentors internet marketing training academy.

Listen the broadcast which runs for about 30 mins below..

Listen to internet radio with Jay Kubassek on Blog Talk Radio

To learn more about building a marketing presence online to boost your sales,sign up for your free video boot camp with the Six Figure Mentors

New Report from the Six Figure Mentors.

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The 5 Must Have Ingredients To Building Your Business FAST!


As you may know I am a founder member of the Six Figure Mentors which provides you all the tools you need to build an online business.

We have produced a new report which cover the 5 things you must have in order to succeed online.

These five areas are 1.Creating residual income.

2.List Building.

3,Creating your marketing funnel.

4.Driving traffic  to your lead capture page.

5.Joining a Mastermind Mind Group.


Get your free report here


One of the things you must create quickly is a high ticket product that will make you serious money.You may think it is better to sell cheaper products like say an ebook.The problem is you will need to sell alot of ebooks to give you an income larger enough to live off.

The SFM Formula shown above gives you an idea of how to generate a substantial income that will allow you to quit the day job.To learn the complete system download your free report now

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Any questions leave your comments below


Talk soon



Being authentic in sales

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Being authentic in sales








People love to buy but they hate being sold to.You may have heard that a few times.

In these very difficult economic times people will only move towards a product that will add massive value to their life and really there are 5 niches that can do that.They are

  1. Financial well being
  2. Health and nutrition
  3. Relationships
  4. Community
  5. Spiritual Life- that which transcends ordinary life an death.

You really need to look at the products you are promoting either because they are you own products or the products of others and ask yourself if they fit in any of the 5 above.

Because people will only move towards something if they have a pressing problem that needs to be overcome.We all want financial security.Health is a harder one because when I look around I see many people who seem bent in making their health worse through bad food lack of exercise and the taking of intoxicants mainly alcohol or cigarettes.

I have never smoked although it was considered really cool and school as was the sign you were grown up.As for booze I gave up about three years ago and see it as one of the best decisions of my life.I have a clear head at all times I lost weight and my health has improved.I can go out and enjoy myself more and not worry about how I am going to get home.

We all want great relationships and have friends to turn to so this niche is filled with very motivated people.No one wants to feel lonely,we all want someone to turn to,so have you looked at this niche.

These first three I see are about getting something for oneself money health and a relationship.

But then people feel they want to give something back.They want a sense of fulfillment, a sense of having made a difference.If you have ever been to a funeral notice how a well constructed eulogy focuses on what the deceased gave back to the world.People want to be remembered when they are gone so how can you help people accomplish this.

Finally  many people want something that goes beyond ordinary life.I know for many this area is a closed book.They convince themselves that consciousness dies when the body dies so why bother either thinking about death and what lies beyond it.

But for me and many other this is the most important area.I follow a Buddhist spiritual practice,specifically the New Kadampa Tradition brought to the West by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and you can find out more by going to

But whatever your faith people want to connect with deeper meaning in their life,so what can you offer in this area?

So try and connect with your deeper authentic self and see what you can offer the world in one or more of these catergories.Then the process of helping people see you what you offer adds massive value to their lives won’t feel like selling.Your customers will become your advocates and they are the best customers to have.

May everyone be happy.


Free Traffic Sources: are they worth the effort?

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Free v Paid Traffic

I  have been doing internet marketing for some time now and I have reached a conclusion.

You see there are two ways to get traffic: by free means or by paid.

This is clear to demonstrate  on Google search results  where you have the free search results on the left and the Google ads ie paid searches on the right.

Now of course we all want free traffic but the truth is you have to put alot of effort in getting on to page one of the search engines and then it will only be for specific keywords.Staying on page one takes even more effort.

You can target a keyword that is hot and get some traffic but then the traffic dies away.

The more generic keywords that get lots of traffic are dominated by the big players who have an army of people to keep the website content updated and fresh.This is what Google likes to see .

So the truth is free traffic will pull you in some business but not enough to get you the sort of income you want.It’s just not consistent enough and will require you constantly adding content and researching the latest hot keywords to stay at the top.Sure you can outsource these tasks but you have to pay for that.

Then you need to keep building back links by doing article and forum marketing and all the social media stuff.

So much effort for such fragile traffic.

The answer is PAID TRAFFIC.

Yes you do have to pay for the traffic but if you are sending the traffic to a sales page then you know how much each sale is costing you.

That way you can scale up your advertising and make even more money.

When I talk about paid advertising I mean Facebook,banner ads  and solo ads.I am not a big fan of Google ads.

The trick is to get the hottest traffic that is people who are interested in what you are offering and have the money to pay for it,for the lowest cost per click.

Paid traffic is always there, whenever you want it .That is a must if you want a long term business.Spending hours making friends on Facebook in the hope some might visit your sales page is not a good business model.

Now I am a fan of the Six Figure Mentors marketing system.

I’ll be honest they do teach how to get free traffic but the paid methods are shown too.

To get you started on Facebook advertising  watch this free 50 minute video from SFM  founder Stuart Ross and how he uses Facebook advertising to build his business.Click here to watch now.


Start your paid traffic education now.It will pay big bucks in the end.



Andrew Collinson

How to make money online outside the internet marketing niche

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How to make money online outside the internet marketing niche

When you start an online business you need to know how to market yourself and your product so it is natural to go and find the tools that help you to do that.

So you are drawn into the internet marketing niche and start to buy a few products like Aweber or Market Samurai

Then you think as you know something about this niche that it will be your business model.So you make money online by telling people how to make money online.

But this niche is not for everyone and it has become very very competitive.Your potential buyers are also a lot more fussy about what they buy. Remember they are in the same niche as you.

So you have a head start if you can find a niche that is NOT internet marketing.Do you have an offline business?Do you have a website that GETS TRAFFIC.

Most offline businesses have a website but they get no traffic.They have no idea about keywords or SEO.

If you have a business where the market  does not know how to do internet marketing then that puts you at an advantage.

If you have an offline business that needs more business ,and who doesn’t, then I can recommend the Six Figure Mentors as the place to start your marketing training.

If you don’t have an offline business and want to start an online business that is not IM,then you have to ask yourself what are you passionate about?

What gets you excited? Now the hard bit think: about how you could turn that passion into a business.

We are now in a knowledge economy where people want to know about stuff to solve their problems and become happier.

What do you know that you could share with others to make their life better?

Eban Pagan who has made millions online says the three super niches where there will always be a need to be met are health,making and investing money, and relationships.

So can you find a sub niche inside one of those three where there are enough customers to sustain your business but not too much competition?

For me I am into raw vegan food.Sounds a bit extreme but I am convinced it it the best diet a human being can be on to sustain a long and healthy life both physically and mentally.

You can find my blog here Raw Food Now

Now all people want good health although some do things to themselves that achieve the exact opposite.

Nevertheless there are enough people who are committed to good health to make this super niche very profitable.

DO NOT go for weight loss, that is just way too competitive and you will get nowhere near page one of Google which is where you want to be if you are to get traffic.

So go and find that niche now that is not IM and make a killing.


Yours in mastery


Andrew Collinson

Training the Mind

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Training the Mind

I meditate.Alot,as in every day.Why?Until you start to know your mind you will have no idea just how wild it is and how much control it has over you.

People talk about getting focused all the time so much it’s become a cliche.What people need to understand is that to get a focus that lasts the mind has to  be tamed and controlled so it serves us, not the other way round.

So the way to achieve this is to sit comfortably in a chair close our eyes and start to observe our mind.This will be very easy as our mind will immediately say “well this is boring sitting in this chair,get up and go and have some fun”

We believe our mind is on our side but in reality it is run by our delusions that will be the cause of so much suffering  in our life.Our mind kids us into thinking that our external world determines whether we are happy or sad but  if you check I am sure you can remember when you were at a beautiful holiday destination but had a heated argument with your partner and felt miserable.You state of mind and the outer world are not related.By training the mind you can be happy all the time.

What you must do at this point is ignore the rants of your mind.Instead you must look for an anchor to which you can tie your wild mind.In this way you can start to bring it under control.The most common practice that gives you this anchor is  the breath.I want you to focus on it  as it enters and leaves your nose.

Just start,do it for five minutes in the morning and slowly you will start to perceive gaps in all the random thoughts of your wild deluded mind.As your meditations get longer and deeper you will start to feel a great sense of inner peace that you can carry out into your daily life.

If your focus is building a business then it will help you here.We are under great pressure to deliver excellent customer service and with a calm and peaceful mind you can always deal with difficult situations, difficult clients,without losing your temper.

Calming your mind will add to your bottom line.I long for the day when meditation becomes common practice in the work place.

If you are a boss have the courage to introduce it in your company.Remember a happy workforce is a hard working workforce.


with love and best wishes


Andrew Collinson

Have you tried

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what is As internet marketers we want to spend most of our time working
on the things that will bring in the most revenue and for me
that is product creation.

So as much as possible we need to outsource the more mundane
aspects of making a living online.

Now there are many outsourcing services but if you are really on a tight budget then I recommend you go with Fiverr.comThis site has people willing to perform various tasks for you for just $5.

So all you have to do is find someone on the site who is willing to do the job you want done.Once you decide on who is going to do the job you pay your $5 into Fiverr who hold the money until the task is done to your satisfaction.

I have used this service to syndicate videos,builder headers for blogs and do various social media jobs.In all case I have found the standard of work to be good. Don’t expect to find someone to do a complex job,you must got to Elance or O Desk for that.

Simple jobs is what this site is about.

So try it now for some tedious job you have no time for.It will free you up to do the more important stuff.

Yours in Mastery

Andrew Collinson

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